A Cursory Post on Puppetry

by zyxonian

I do not merely romanticize curiosity – I sexualize it. I transform curiosity into a primordial, carnal desire. It is animal of violent passion, yet still retains its humanly tender awe. But this is not voyeurism – a curious person asks questions and craves answers. A voyeur just watches.


Mark is a friend I met via craigslist on the 9th of January, 2013.

This was his post:

For a time frame of three hours on our agreed date, I will be willing to do anything you decide. You may use my in whatever way, as a model, a prop, a companion, a friend, an assistant, a collaborator, a conspirator, a scapegoat, a teacher, a student, whatever you can imagine. Basically, for those three hours, I will be all yours to be at your disposal in whatever way. The only stipulations are that you must be present with me throughout that duration, and that in exchange, you will give me a thing (material or immaterial) at the end of the duration.

For my three hours – we innocently had a tea party on the dirty New York pavement and in the muggy New York subway.


Having consummated our friendship, I am now engaged in a performance to discover who Mark is.

Mark has given me access to his email account, facebook account, NYU account, adam4adam account, and his bank account. He even made copies of the keys to his apartment for me.

I’ve been stalking him, documenting him, recording his conversations, raiding his room. I’ve even bought a book [Puppet by Kenneth Gross] that he off-handedly mentioned was his “bible”, read it cover to cover, and analyzed it in relationship to Mark. I’ll be presenting my cursory findings on Sunday at the Panoply Laboratory around 6 pm. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my curious documents such as the sound recording of my friend exploring possible manifestations of “becoming a puppet”.


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