Domina Nostra

by zyxonian

It translates to “Our Lady

As a worshipper of the Great Glass Butterfly, Venus the Absolute of Appreciation, Curiosity, Wonder and Action, I thought the words Domina Nostra would suit both me and my eager Lutheran friends of the Parables Church.

They were excited to learn gregorian chant and I was thrilled to share my current chthonic neo-medieval passions.

We agreed to meet at 7 am in the long tunnel at 14th street (you know, the one which connects the L to the 1,2,3).

That morning we had a beautiful choir of 4 men!

We set up shop with some Parables flyers, a sign which read “Pedagogical Gregorian Chant”, and a little buskers case for anyone feeling charitable that morning.


Following the tradition of teaching chant to young monks, I would sing a phrase of music and the chorus would repeat. We sang antiphony for almost an hour until a spritely Hildegard Von Bingen showed up. Her name is Carrie and she lofted through the air with her voice (some of it was not Gregorian stylistically, but stunning nonetheless).

Below is a sample of two brief recordings I captured. The first section features the traditional male choir, while the second section introduces Carrie’s solo atop our low hum.