Birds for Sale

by zyxonian

Last weekend, I noticed a new dead note on the pedal board. The “Bourdon” G was out – so I opened up the organ chest to fix it . . . and discovered a precious a baby bird.


This isn’t the first dead bird I’ve found in the organ. At least two fresh bodies lodged themselves into the diapason pipes earlier that week:



The pastor and I agree; birds fly to our church to die.

With all this excess, I’ve decided to start selling some of the corpses in hopes of raising money to repair the holes in our windows. If you purchase one of our lovely dead birds, a portion of the proceeds will go to our window fund.

All birds are going for $40. If you live in New York City, I will hand deliver them in a thoughtful package to your doorstep.

orders outside the city are subject to additional mailing fees.


Here is a bird in the bell tower:



Here is a bird in the stairwell:


Here is a bird I’ve put in a wooden box: