Floating Among Object Oriented Ontology and Moral Relativism is Nihilistic Biology

by zyxonian




The ouroboros, a snake engulfing its own tale, is symbol of the universe and of the universal manner: We are the cause, the process, and the end. The image itself is circular, cyclical, like a mandala, evoking the infinite ratio of Pi. The shape is akin to the zero, the arabic numeral for nothing – it is a hole / it is whole. As the old hermetic idiom goes, “What is above is below”.  It is the ultimate symbol of the spiritual path in the Western mystical tradition.


But how does my inner pessimist see the ouroboros?


The snake depends on itself for its own nurturance. It is a self-legitimating, self-causal loop unable to free itself from its own solipsistic paradigm.


When you interact with an object, a person, a space, et cetera, you are viewing it through the window of your ego, your memories, your expectations. You cannot separate your self as you interact with an object.


Yes, you can try to look at whatever thing as objectively as possible (Photosynthesis, the process of evolution, the chemical composition of wood), but all things we observe are still held through the eyes and minds of humans. Meaning and purpose is given to all objects. Even things which are considered “meaningless” are relegated the categories of “useless”, “insignificant”, “absurd”, and are approached as such. It is impossible to see objects as they are, free from all personal projections. Throughout our lifespan, we nurture feedback loops of meaning, purpose, and function. Aesthetics, morals, toasters, tables, democrats, music, spirituality and the rest are all pretty arbitrary in a world of pure biology.


I’m not saying it’s bad – I’m just noting what I see 😛