The Venereal Christian

by zyxonian

I’ve published this zine in an effort to expand the theological imagination because, right now, the popular conception of “God” is rather shallow, boring, and authoritarian. I’m tired of racist Imperialists having a monopoly on the imaginings of the Divine – “God” is only a jealous totalitarian because Fundamentalists crave a jealous totalitarian regime.

I say, Fuck that! The Great Mystery is so much more nuanced and expansive than a predicate for war and greed.

So here is a zine for the mystical renegade, the anarchic queer, the trouble-making feminist, the sex-positive, anti-consumerist, dissenting Christian (and non-Christian folk alike).

It is called the “The Venereal Christian”. If you enjoy it and would like to contribute for the second issue, please let me know. All topics welcome, from esoterica to witchcraft to radical theologies to Jesus to Venus and Beyond.

The Venereal Christian 1